Ethel Pozo is moved and makes a tender dedication to her daughters: “My babies grew up” [VIDEO]

You don’t want them to keep growing any more. The television presenter Ethel Pozo was very moved by how quickly time would pass for mothers when they saw their little ones turning into young girls and she dedicated a tender message to them after enjoying their exclusive mother and daughter end-of-the-year vacations, because As is remembered on this occasion, the figure of America Hoy was not accompanied by her fiancé Julian Alexander.

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“My babies grew up and now that they are all teenagers it is difficult to take pictures of them. The mothers who spend this stage with their children will understand me! If it were up to me I would take photos of them at every step they take as when they were little,” dictated the first part of the message that the television host shared with her thousands of followers in her social networks.

It was via his official account Instagram that the conceited Gisela Valcárcel showed her great love for her little girls, and regrets that they continue to grow before her eyes without being able to stop them, and she posted a tender video with her daughters where she shows how they did during their girl-only vacation.

“Although for now I can only contemplate them, with eyes of love and wishing them always that they are the happy girl-women they deserve to be. But I managed to make this video with them about the beautiful trip we are living and here I share them,” he ended his touching message Ethel Pozo to his conceited ones that he wrote on his social networks.

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How does Ethel Pozo look like in a bikini after losing weight?

The television host Ethel Pozo She has been enjoying her first vacation in 2022, but this time she decided to travel without her boyfriend Julián Alexander, and took her suitcases with her daughters and one more relative to go to enjoy the summer on American beaches. Recently, the conceited of Gisela Valcárcel shared some details of his stays in U.Sincluding the results of your strenuous exercise routine.

“My first Post of 2022 I wish for you the same as for those I love with all my Soul … that you be very happy, that you surround yourself with good and noble people. That we know in this new year, to value what is really important and what is not. let nothing and nobody change our smile “, wrote the figure of América Televisión in his official account of Instagram showing how she looks in a bikini.