Ethel Pozo on Yahaira Plasencia after stopping working with Sergio George: “She put Jair Mendoza first”

The television host Ethel Pozo expressed her opinion about Yahaira Plasencia’s current employment situation after stopping working with Sergio George and now being happy with her relationship with Jair Mendoza. For the figure of América Hoy it is clear that the sauce boat preferred to give herself a chance in love, before following the advice of her former music producer.

‘Sergie’ declared for the cameras of the program, where he assured that it did not seem appropriate to him that they were just going to launch a new song with the ‘Patrona’ and launch an ampay of her with the young salsa singer. “I was not bothered by the relationship, I was a little bit uncomfortable because I was in Saudi Arabia and this information came out and it was not the right time for it,” she added.

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Then they asked him if he would be willing to work with him, but he maintained that he works with artists who have international potential.

“It depends on the circumstances, I aim for the whole world, not for him to play in a disco and if he has the potential to hit, of course, yes. I don’t know him,” he said. It should be noted that despite the fact that he no longer works with Yahaira Plasencia, Sergio George is still a friend of hers, since he sees them together sharing moments.

Gisela’s daughter pointed out that for the sauce boat she put love first. “It’s clear to me that Yahaira put Jair first, love was stronger, she put him ahead. Now they are Sergio’s friends, they don’t work together anymore, but Sergio keeps saying he doesn’t know him,” she said.

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Sergio Georse gets upset with a reporter who asked him why his birthday happened in Peru

The Magaly Medina reporter tried to get a statement from Sergio George when he was with Yahaira Plasencia, but he did not imagine that the American producer would be upset when he asked why he decided to spend his birthday in this country. And it is that ‘Sergi’ found his consultation offensive since he considered that he was throwing him out of the country.

“Because I wanted to be here. Can’t I be here? Are you throwing me out?” he pointed out furiously. Immediately, the “Queen of Totó” tried to calm him down and they all ended up laughing. On the other hand, they asked him if he planned to work with Michelle Soifer, but he clarified that she does not have time. “With what time, ‘brother’? If she asked me? Not at all”, he pointed out.