Ethel Pozo surprises by revealing that she has cravings after a month of her wedding with Julián: “I have a total craving”

It left more than one with their mouths open. The renowned television host Ethel Pozo has been in the middle of the eye of the storm because of the confrontation between her mother Gisela Valcárcel and Magaly Medina. However, the public figure has decided to remain silent about it, but now she drew attention in detail on her social networks.

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As is known, the cocky of the ‘little lady‘with her husband Julian Alexander to be only two days away from completing a month of their marriage because on September 10 the exclusive wedding was held that gave much to talk about throughout the Peruvian show business.

Now, Ethel Pozo used her official Instagram account to reveal that she had wanted a special dish and decided to fulfill her craving. Will she be in the sweet wait? Let us remember that the host has revealed at the time that she would like to have another baby with her husband.

“Thanks to the chinita I have my total craving… I craved the Chaufarroncito, look at this wonder, chaufa plus its pork rinds,” he is heard saying in his stories on his social network.

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Ethel Pozo demands her reporter take off his mask and he replies: “There is no ventilation here, you have to respect”

The television presenter Ethel Pozo made a live link with her reporter Oswaldo Arteaga during the broadcast of her program América Hoy. However, he interrupted him for a moment to demand that he remove his mask, since its use is no longer necessary since October 1 and he had no one around him, but the collaborator decided to make it clear to him why he could not do it.

“A favor for a little while, we are a few meters away, they have given the indication that you can already remove your mask, it is voluntary, but you can remove it. You are alone,” the driver of America Today. The reporter was somewhat uncomfortable and clarified to Ethel Well that in that place where he was, there is not much ventilation. Likewise, he prefers to take care of himself in the face of the possibility of a coronavirus infection.