Ethel Pozo thanks her followers: “The show must continue”

The television presenter, Ethel Pozo, used her Instagram account to publish a couple of stories, thanking the expressions of solidarity after the robbery suffered inside her house just a few days ago. She was optimistic, because at that time no one from her family was in her home.

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Ethel Well He acknowledged that he does not like to talk about ugly things, so at first he hesitated to make the complaint public. “I come here to thank the expressions of solidarity on Instagram, on TikTok, the messages in public and private from friends. I don’t like to talk about ugly things. I’m on television to show you beautiful things. So go ahead like him elephant. I have recharged energy. To those who experience this, you feel as if it had not happened to you and then you feel sorry, but you have to look ahead,” he added.

The host of “America Today”, Ethel Well He revealed that there are images of the robbery suffered at his home, but everything is under investigation. “Of course there are images, there are those responsible and I hope the police find them. It is under investigation. I have to continue, the show must continue. Thank you for the support, to the followers, to the press for showing solidarity. It is traumatic that it happens to you “.

Finally, Ethel Well He decided one last piece of advice to his followers: “Tell them not to trust human beings, we must be very careful, have our houses with alarms and not put documents in safes.”

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What was stolen from Ethel Pozo?

After suffering a burglary at his home, Ethel Well He used his Instagram account to communicate what had happened to him. She came out tearful on her Instagram social network and reported that they had taken two things that she considered important.

Ethel Well He asked the criminals to return his memory where he had photos with his daughters since they were little. Later, the television host said that she had also taken her visa.