Ethel Pozo: What surprise did Gisela Valcárcel take for the return of The Great Show? [VIDEO]

In the midst of the harsh criticism against Gisela Valcárcel for the apparent failure that the launch and rapid cancellation of “The Big Star” and with it the announcement of the return of El Gran Show to the screens of America Televisionthe daughter of the television host, Ethel Pozo, sent her a surprising gift and here in El Popular we will tell you what it is about.

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How did Ethel Pozo surprise Gisela Valcárcel for the return of The Great Show?

When the news of the return to television of Gisela Valcárcel’s favorite reality show was made, one of the first people to speak out about it and to give the best vibes to the popular ‘little lady‘ was his smug, who sent him a huge flower arrangement to celebrate the return to the stage of “The big show”.

“These flowers just arrived, look how beautiful, I can’t take it anymore… Thank you, Ethel, thank you, Julián. You know how much I love you,” Gisela Valcárcel expressed very emotionally after seeing the surprise her daughter gave her.

“With all our love. To break it today!”, also said the message that Ethel Pozo together with her now husband Julián Alexander made to the television presenter for the return of The big show.

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What did Ethel Pozo say after the return of The Great Show?

As we had already anticipated in previous lines, one of the happiest people at the return of Gisela Valcárcel’s star program, The big showit was Ethel Wellwho dedicated some emotional words of support to him from his tribune in “America Today”.

“What all of Peru wanted, after a year of [espera], my mother. Every Saturday he will be back… Finally, he comes back, we were not complete on Saturdays, Saturdays were not the same, I don’t know what he comes back with, with dancing, with singing, “she said.