European transfers 2022 LIVE: how is the winter pass market moving?

The arrival of the new year brought with it the resumption of the main leagues in Europe after the holiday break, as well as the opening of the winter transfer market for the second half of the 2021-22 season. Teams such as FC Barcelona Real Madrid Manchester City, among others, are preparing to make some changes to their squads.

Despite its irregular current situation in the sporting field, in addition to the difficult financial situation it is going through, the Catalan club is one of those that generates the most interest due to its possible movements in this window of passes. So far, the hiring of Ferran Torres and the successful registration of Dani Alves are the only official news.

In the Madrid team, meanwhile, all attention is focused on defining the long-awaited incorporation of Kylian Mbappé as soon as possible. The Frenchman, whose contract with PSG ends in mid-2022, has a free hand to negotiate his arrival in any other squad, and in the White House they would have priority.

Other markets, such as the Premier League and Serie A, are still exempt from big sign announcements. In England, modest teams such as Wolves and Brighton, as well as the recently wealthy Newcastle United, accounted for some signings, while in Italy, Juventus ruled out letting Álvaro Morata go to Barça.

In three of the five so-called ‘top leagues’ in Europe (Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1), the market opens on January 1, while in the other two (Serie A, LaLiga) it officially begins on January 3 . In all cases; however, the closure occurs on January 31.