Eva Ayllón and Daniela Darcourt together in face-to-face concert

In February, the month of love and friendship, it will bring together for the first time in a face-to-face concert two of the most talented and empowered Peruvian singers: Eva Ayllón and Daniela Darcourt. Accompanied by their respective orchestras, on February 19, the teacher, maximum reference of Peruvian music; and the internationally renowned salsa company, will perform their greatest hits at the Arena Peru of Surco.

In the spectacular three-hour evening produced by DEA Promoter, Eva Ayllón will be in charge of the opening. The first national singer, of 51 years of applauded career, will show off her Creole sentiment with a repertoire specially selected for this occasion. Classics of the Peruvian songbook, some of these included in their most recent musical release “Tonight: Eva Version”, will be part of the ‘setlist’ of the winner at Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence 2019.

Daniela darcourtAt 25, the most successful Peruvian sauce boat of 2021 will close the show. The most listened to local singer of her genre on Spotify will present a powerful show in which she combines salsa with ballads and Peruvian music. The rumba star will make the audience enjoy with themes such as “Mr. lie”, “You were wrong with me” Y “Probably”, I enter other ‘hits’.

Arena Peru It provides, as usual in these circumstances, compliance with all the biosecurity measures of its strict Covid -19 protocol, such as mandatory distancing, the entry only of people who show a vaccination card and ID; and the disinfection of spaces and hands.

It should be noted that Eva Ayllón Y Daniela darcout They have in common being two of the national artists of great popular roots, both in Peru and abroad. For some time, the most influential artists in our music industry have cultivated a great friendship born on the television set of the music game show of which they have been coaches for several seasons.