Eva Ayllón ‘blocks’ Mauricio Mesones after kissing her LIVE: “My husband is going to get upset”

The LIVE casting of the new season of ‘La Voz Perú’ continues. Eva Ayllón and Mauricio Mesones were shocked by the presentation of the contestant of Mr. Jesús Alejandro who previously participated in ‘Yo Soy’. The ‘coaches’ wanted to pull him for his team and it ended in a fun moment.

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After performing the song ‘El muñeco de la ciudad’ by La Sonora Matancera, Eve and Mauricio They did everything to take it to their respective teams. “Welcome, it has been a pleasure to listen to you, here is my team. I invite you. In the end, the ones who win are you, we are the channels of information,” said the ex-vocalist from Bareto.

The Creole, as a joke, “squared” her television partner. “That’s how I like that you learn the lesson,” he told him LIVE. The singer stopped to kiss her on the cheek without imagining that Eva would ‘stop’ him dead. “A little kiss? My husband is going to get annoyed with so many kisses that I give you,” she commented. However, she then allowed herself to be kissed. “It doesn’t matter anymore,” she added.

It should be mentioned that Eva Ayllon Y Mauricio Mesones They show that they get along very well within the program, since it is not the first time they have joked in the Latina program. inns also joked with Raul Romero LIVE.

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Eva Ayllón: Adriana Quevedo reveals what relationship the singer has with Natalia Málaga

Last week, Eva Ayllon had an incident at one of her concerts and was defended by Natalia Malaga. This generated a series of speculations about whether they have a working relationship. Gigi Miter she was surprised to see her at the Creole show. “What has attracted attention is what it does Natalia (Malaga) there, unless she was the organizer”, she commented on ‘Amor y Fuego’.

The ex-conductor Adriana Quevedo, who was a panelist, clarified what relationship they have. “I know that they have been working together for years. Natalia is part of the staff of the concerts and presentations of Eva Ayllon. I had to be there to fix things, anyway,” the former television partner of Karla Tarazona.