Evelyn Vela proclaims herself “widow” after separation from Valery Burga: “For me she died a long time ago” [VIDEO]

Evelyn Vela was interviewed in “Amor y Fuego” and when she introduced herself, she said that she is already a “widow” after her separation from her husband Valery Vela. She began her presentation by saying: “I am a widow, for me she died a long time ago.”

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Then he added: “He must be a little hurt. I would sincerely like to understand him. The man has given andropause, I hope he doesn’t give you,” he told Rodrigo Gonzalez “Peluchin”who introduced her on his show.

Secondly, evelyn candle He said that Valery Burga is a self-conscious person of his Peruvian nationality. “He has a complex about his roots. He said that he would never return to Peru and ended up marrying a Peruvian.”

Finally, evelyn candle He said that he realized about the latter at the end of the sentimental relationship with Valery Burga. “I didn’t realize that, I realized in the end. HE has a superiority complex.”

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Why did Valery Burga end up with Evelyn Vela?

‘Amor y Fuego’ interviewed Evelyn’s still husband, who forgot the eternal love he professed towards the chalaca’s best friend Melissa Klug. He indicated why she is no longer by her side.

“I am a man who has little tolerance and I do not like to feel imprisoned or controlled. I have said from my heart what I feel, it is the truth and it is the only one there is,” he assured by telephone with the Willax program. “Yes, I regret marrying her.”