Evelyn Vela: Valery Burga did not come to see her in Peru, but she travels to Spain with her current partner [VIDEO]

Surprised locals and strangers. Valery Burga, ex-husband of Evelyn Vela, traveled to Spain with his current partner, the Spanish Celia Rodriguezdespite the fact that he said that he could not leave the United States, which is why he did not visit his ex-partner.

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According to Valery Burgahe needed to complete documentation and therefore could not leave North American territory, however, he recently published photos and videos of his trip to Malaga, Spain, with his beloved.

But that’s not all and it’s that Valery Burga would have shone with the gifts for her mother-in-law and the mother of Celia Rodriguez even dared to show it. “Cute little gifts from my son-in-law (…) thank you very much for so much love.

For her part, the Spanish and today a couple of Valery Burga, I would be very grateful to him for the trip to Malaga. She was heard saying: “The truth is that I don’t know how to thank my Valery for bringing me to see my family because I hadn’t seen them for quite a few years and I missed them a lot.”

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Why did Valery Burga not see Peru?

as he told her Valery Burga a evelyn candle, he did not see Peru for a documentation issue. “They don’t let him out until he puts his fingerprints on it.”

Secondly, evelyn candle She was overcome by adding: “I no longer care about the man, what he does, if he dies, if he buys a dog, if he goes with a whale, it seems that he has already left the papers aside, then I will not nothing mattered