Everything you need to know before going to the Juan Luis Guerra concert: recommendations and setlist

This Thursday, May 25, Juan Luis Guerra will perform at the St. Mark’s Stadium as part of his international tour “Entre Mar y Palmeras” where he will play a new mix of contagious rhythms and poetic stanzas.

This tour that will take the Dominican to meet his followers from all over the world. This time it will be the turn of Lima, where the locals will chant his most remembered songs.

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Recommendations for going to the Juan Luis Guerra concert

We made a list of recommendations to follow if you are going to attend the Dominican concert at the Universidad Mayor de Saint Mark.

  • The doors of the concert will open at 4:00 pm, so attendees should arrive early to avoid inconvenience.
  • Pedestrian entry will be through gates 1 (Av. Venezuela), 5 and 6 of Avenida Amezaga.
  • It is advisable to use public transport or taxi to go to the Stadium.
  • Identify the door through which you should enter.
  • Be careful with your belongings.
  • Take a portable battery for your cell phone, a pocket camera and a long view.

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This is the setlist of Juan Luis Guerra

This Thursday, Peruvians who attend the concert of the 65-year-old music producer will enjoy songs like “Rosalía”, “La travesía”, “La llave de mi corazón”, “Vale la pena”, “Como yo”, “Kitipun”, Bridal pambiche” and the remembered “Niagara by bike“.

Guerra will also interpret “Razones”, “Yesterday”, “For you”, “Like a bee to the honeycomb”, “You”, “Visa for a dream”, “I hope it rains coffee”, “El farolito”, “Las avispas” , “To ask for her hand”, “Bachata Rosa” and “La bilirubina”.

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How much do concert tickets cost?

Fortunately for all the fans of Juan Luis Guerra, the tickets are still available on the website of teleticket.

As if that were not enough, there is a promotion for Mother’s Day that grants a 20% discount on the price of tickets.

In this way, the APDAYC Grandstand and the preferential (stand up) areas have a value of S/ 116, and East and West cost S/ 264.

Likewise, a space in the VIP area costs 330 soles and the exclusive Platinum area costs 410 soles.

It should not be forgotten that all tickets that were not used on the dates intended to take place in November 2022 at the Arena Perú will be valid to enter the St. Mark’s Stadium.

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Juan Luis Guerra is happy to visit Peru

This May 25, Lima will witness the first date of the Dominican in Peru, and Arequipa will receive Juan Luis Guerra two days later at the beer garden.

Through his Instagram account, the singer-songwriter has expressed how excited he feels to land in the country and sing his most representative songs.

“Soon we will cross the sea to reach Peru,” he wrote in a ‘post’ on Instagram.

This will be Juan Luis Guerra’s second concert after his show was canceled last year due to incidents on the esplanade where he was going to perform.

“We keep hoping to return soon and meet again,” he posted on his social media at the time.