Evo Morales asks the Police to improve their work after suffering the theft of his cell phone

During this Wednesday, August 31, the former president of Bolivia Evo Morales He affirmed that the population is in a delicate situation when it comes to crime and urged the Police of that country to improve their efforts to combat crime. The comment came after he was the victim of a robbery in the midst of a campaign rally in La Guardia (Santa Cruz) in the east of the country.

The also head of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) criticized the work of the Ministry of Government, but did not mention it directly.

“The escapes of dangerous prisoners, the cases of neighbors who persecute the robbers with their own means, cold-blooded murders, unsolved drug ‘flips’ and presumed protection of drug trafficking show a situation of defenselessness of the population,” he wrote in Twitter.

The former president of Bolivia made the comment and targeted the current minister Eduardo del Castillo and his security team for the disappearance of his phone. Likewise, He demanded to resume coordination between the levels of the State to combat crime.

“Together with our people, we call on our Police to improve their efforts for citizen security and we urge the three levels of Government to resume coordination efforts in the fight against crime. With unity, insecurity can be defeated,” he said.

On Saturday, August 27, Evo Morales participated in the closing of the Rufino Mayor campaign to promote the candidacy of Rufino Correa, a MAS candidate for the Municipality of La Guardia, in the department of Santa Cruz. That day he was accompanied by other members of the party, such as the Minister of the Presidency, Marianela Prada, and the Government Minister, Eduardo del Castillo.

At 8:30 p.m., the former president warned that his cell phone had been stolen, so he immediately ordered a “spectacular mobilization of the Bolivian Police,” according to the portal of Duty.

The National Commander of the General Police, Orlando Ponce He led the mission that deployed units of the security forces and intelligence agents from the DACI special investigators group to carry out an “intense search” with the purpose of finding the perpetrator as soon as possible.

The media highlighted that the immediacy of the search lies in the fact that there is fear of access to the information and contacts that Morales maintains on his mobile device.