Fabianne Hayashida questions Samantha Batallanos: “It looks bad to play double-slapped”

The popular Chinese combat player, Fabianne Hayashida, had tennis player Duilio Vallebuona on her “COM FM” podcast, where they talked about the ampay he gave him Magaly Medina with Samantha Batallanos, when she was also dating Jonathan Maicelo at the same time.

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duilio vallebuona wanted to make a good stand Samantha Batallanossaying that it helped him find his dog and for this reason, he recognized that thanks to the ampay, they were able to give him more space on television about the loss of his pet.

“I try to take care of myself as much as possible, we were both single and she went to help me look for my puppy. She is a good friend. I think that if it were not for the ampay, luckily, they would not have asked me about the dog and in the end none of both of us was doing something wrong,” he said Duilio Vallebuona.

Given this, Fabianne Hayashida questioned and said that Samantha Batallanos yes he did wrong. “She does.” Immediately Mario Irivarren had to intervene to limit: “Oh please China, we are not here to be moralists, we are not here to judge anyone.”

What I didn’t count on Mario Irivarren and Duilio Vallebuona is that the popular Chinese Fighter, Fabianne Hayashida, continued addressing the subject and delimited: “I only say that it looks bad to play double-slapped, because it excited my friend.” Given this, the tennis player made it clear that he did not know that she was dating Jonathan Maicelo. “No, no. We were clear about that. I didn’t know anything (that I also went out with him).

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Duilio Vallebuena reveals that he rejected EEG

Dulio Vallebuena revealed in the podcast with Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida why he did not agree to join Esto Es Guerra y Combate. He said that those programs were for showbiz boys.

“She tells me that they were taking ‘Challenge of Champions’. The truth is that I had always rejected Esto Es Guerra o Combate because I said that it was for faranduleros, literally. That’s what he said, but he didn’t understand what was coming back,” he said. duilio vallebuona.