Fabianne Hayashida: What did the former reality girl work on and why did she quit? [VIDEO]

She was one of the best known faces of competition reality shows, we are talking about Fabianne Hayashida, better known as the ‘Chinese Fabianne‘, who after leaving the world of television after passing through the disappeared program “Combat“He would have dedicated himself to multiple things. That is why here in this note from El Popular we tell you what has happened to his life.

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Why did Fabianne Hayashida quit her job?

The former reality contest participant surprised her thousands of fans by announcing that she had decided to become a flight attendant, a position she held for a while, until she recently said she would quit. Among the reasons she revealed for walking away from her airplane job is that she would be going through a stress crisis and she wants to focus on her business as well.

“Friends I resigned, I am no longer a cabin crew, I am in my heart, but not professionally. I left and you know that I entered a stress box, I no longer found my life (…) We are a team of seven people and I was not there. I was never there! My life depended on the airline and I had to work as a worker. I loved my job, it was my passion for many years and I did it, but its cycle ended, “he said. Fabianne Hayashida.

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What has become of Fabianne Hayashida’s life after moving away from TV?

As we had already anticipated in previous lines, the former reality girl was part of the renowned ATV program, Combatfrom which she announced her departure after a serious injury that prevented her from remaining part of the competitions with her team.

“Thank you for all your support, you really have no idea how happy I feel for all your love, it’s been two years in Combat from which I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown as a person. I’m retiring because of my shoulder injury and because I want to seek new opportunities, new things”, was the message he gave in his farewell.

After his departure from television, the ‘China‘ was seen with his own sports entrepreneurship and healthy life. Before long he surprised by revealing that he would become a flight attendant. While in her personal life, she got married and was eager to become a mother, she dreamed that she would have some obstacles, as she revealed that she could not have children at the moment. However, she shared a message on her Instagram where she wrote: “She will soon come into our lives”, will she be pregnant?