Fabianne patches criticism for uploading videos with her husband: “You don’t get married to be happy” [VIDEO]

Let her be happy with your love. The ex reality girl and now influencer, Fabianne Hayashida, showed that for her it is first to be happy and then share that happiness and radiate it in your marriage, so she patched those who criticize her for sharing videos with her new husband.

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“I wanted to talk with you about a topic that I think is important. Many people, because I upload a lot of videos with Mario, they tell me: ‘Oh, we already know you’re married, you don’t have to say it all the time. It seems that that makes you happy and I don’t know what, ‘”he began his release in Instagram.

He immediately went on to point out that one does not get married to be happy, in itself, on the contrary, first you have to be happy with yourself and then be able to share it.

“Something they don’t understand is that when you get married it’s not to be happy. The idea is that one is happy with his marriage but you do not marry to be happy. You are happy and then you get married ”, he said.

“To make such a strong decision (like getting married) you have to be good with yourself and from there make a decision,” she added, sure of herself, because she will not let them get into her marriage, which moved more than one because it was tender. .

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What is Fabianne currently working on?

Currently the former Combate competitor has an online store for sports products called ‘Somos Mara’ and one of them has another business of girdles for women.

But not only does he have two companies, he recently announced through a video on TikTok that he now also works as a cabin crew for LATAM.