Fabio Agostini and ‘Chama’: what does their ‘show of excesses’ that they offer in nightclubs consist of?

Alexandra Mendez Y Fabio Agostini They are one of the most valued figures in terms of event animation. However, the ‘show of excesses’ has become known among the public that goes to discos every day and, in this note, we will tell you what it is about.

The organizers of nightclubs know that the fun of the public is guaranteed with the presence of reality boys and other characters from the show. For this reason, Fabio Agostini and “Chama” do not miss the opportunity to go to different parts of Peru to provide a night of alcohol and fun.

The Magaly Medina production was encouraged to pay their ticket and enter a well-known nightclub to appreciate what the presentation that Alexandra Méndez and Fabio Agostini star in with the public on stage is like. Great was the surprise of the ‘Urracos’ to see that, in reality, the assistants are the ones who generate the fun in the environment.

As can be seen in the images, at the beginning the television figures are presented on stage and, after modeling and giving the participants a little alcohol, they propose a game: “Those who wanted to win their bottle of drink, the couple who made the most daring dance, drank for free”.

Subsequently, debauchery and alcohol become the focus of the night, and encourage fun until the wee hours of the morning.

Magaly Medina’s cameras captured Alexandra Méndez together with Sergio Peña getting into a car on the night of November 16 and 19. Therefore, there was speculation of a possible romance between the two.