Fabio Agostini and his strong declaration of whether he would leave This is War for love [VIDEO]

Fabio Agostini has been in love with Gabrieli, a beautiful Brazilian who managed to steal his heart and in the time they have spent together in Peru, he has decided to visit several historical places such as Machu Picchu. However, when he was asked about the possibility of eradicating Brazil to be by his girlfriend’s side, his response surprised everyone.

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It was the América Espectaculos program that consulted the famous Galactic of the possibility of leaving everything he has in Peru to be able to go live with his girlfriend, but he did reveal that they have a daily conversation and are already planning to meet again.

“I am very well here, I have a very good job here, why am I going to leave, if they offered me something incredible over there and I would have to sign a contract, I say good and thank you very much, but right now I am well here, I have had other proposals but not in Brazil,” commented reality boy.

Fabio Agostini He is very clear that he would not be willing to leave everything for love, since here in Peru he has settled down quite well and is waiting for his parents to arrive so he can spend it with them.

“You don’t live on love, I have a head for that, I’m not a derailed, in fact my parents are coming this Friday and they’re going to spend 20 days here, so super,” commented the Galactic in love.

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Fabio Agostini surprises his girlfriend with an all-paid trip to Machu Picchu

He is in love! The reality boy Fabio Agostini had a link for the program On everyone’s lips and surprised to appear with his new partner Gabrielii Moreira from Cusco. The Spaniard announced that he gave this nice surprise to the Brazilian, who will visit Machu Picchu tomorrow, Saturday.

The former competitor of ‘Combate’ said that this relationship is going to advance little by little, because his new partner lives in Brazil and for work reasons he has to travel in a few days, but that he will get to know Machu Picchu on his tour of Cusco.