Facebook adds ‘show more’ and ‘show less’ buttons to choose what you want to see on your wall

The developers of Facebook, the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg, continue to incorporate new functions into this platform. The latest update, which is now available to all users, added two buttons that promise to become the favorites of users. Why? Here we tell you.

Through a brief statement, Meta presented the new buttons ‘show more’ (show more) and ‘show less’ (show less), which Facebook users will be able to use to personalize their feed, that is, to select the type of posts they want to see on their news feed in the future.

“The ‘likes’ on Facebook posts give us a general indication of what users like, but they don’t perfectly capture people’s preferences. ‘Show more’ and ‘show less’ allow people to tell us directly what they want in their feeds.

How do the new Facebook buttons work?

According to robotina.us, a portal specialized in technology, the operation of both buttons is quite simple. If you click ‘show more’, Facebook will decide to show you more similar content. In case you choose the ‘show less’ option, then you will stop seeing that type of content on your news feed.

For example, if you don’t like celebrity news, you’ll need to choose ‘show less’ so that Facebook knows not to show you such posts. In case you are looking for more sports news, you will have to choose ‘show more’. This way the platform will know that this content is to your liking.

Where are the new Facebook buttons?

There will be two ways to use these new buttons. The first is through buttons that will appear at the bottom of certain randomly chosen publications. For its part, the second requires you to press the three points of any post (located in the upper right corner) and choose one of the two new functions.