Facebook: how to assign trusted contacts to protect your account?

Take note. Although many users do not know it, a quick and easy way to recover your Facebook account in case you forget your password or your profile is hacked is to set trusted contacts. With this security system, your friends can help you solve this situation easily.

To choose the people who will help you recover your Facebook account if required, follow these steps:

Once you choose your trusted contacts they will be able to send you a recovery code with a special URL that will allow you to re-enter your account. You can edit this user list whenever you want.

If you need help to regain access to your profile, contact the users you previously assigned:

Open the Facebook app and shake your phone several times. A small window will open, where they explain how this function works. In the same way, it allows us to write the problem and take a screenshot of the failure.

In addition to reporting possible ‘bugs’, this secret function gives users the ability to report bad practices that are being committed on pages or groups. If you see something inappropriate, you can report it this way.

It is worth noting that this feature is only available on smartphones, but not on tablets or iPads. Also, detail that it was only enabled on Facebook, not on Facebook Lite, Instagram or WhatsApp, the other apps of the company Mark Zuckerberg.

Enter Facebook and go to the Settings section. This is in the three bars that are at the top of the app, if you have Android. In the case of iPhone they are at the bottom of your screen.

Once there, several boxes will appear and if you go down you will see the option: “Your time on Facebook”, where you can view the “Dark Mode” or “dark mode” tab. Select “Dark Mode” and another window will appear where it will say if you want to use Facebook’s light or dark mode.