Facebook: how to avoid cryptocurrency scams that you surely saw in the comments?

If you have a Facebook account and follow pages who have many followers, surely you have noticed that some of his publications tend to have messages written by people who, supposedly, ‘thank’ a benefactor (“cryptocurrency expert”) who helped him out of poverty, even labeling and inciting him for others to contact you. Believe it or not, it is a new form of scam.

“Thank you (subject’s name) for all that you have done for me and my family. At first I thought it was all a scam, but now I have full faith in you. When I started, I invested all my savings in her platform, she guided me through all the necessary procedure and I already have my earnings back. I am so happy that I am at a loss for words ”, this is one of the many messages that abound on Facebook.

At first glance, it seems too strange a message that any Internet user would do, but on his private wall, not in a viral publication for it to be seen by thousands of users. Reviewing the Facebook profiles of these ‘grateful people’, in most cases they are fake accounts, created exclusively to promote these apparent benefactors. What are they really?

The Republic contacted ESET a company specializing in cybersecurity, to ask you about these mysterious Facebook comments. Although they ruled out that it is an attempt for users to download some type of malware or malicious software, they made it clear that it is a new method that seeks to scam users of this social network.

“It is not news that attackers take advantage of the themes of the moment to carry out their social engineering campaigns and, in this case, cryptocurrencies are no exception,” said the company, which provided some advice not to be a victim of these scams. Here we list them: