Facebook: how to identify a fake profile and what should you do if it tries to be your friend?

Having an account on Facebook is something quite easy that only takes a couple of minutes, since this platform only asks us to use an email, a name, a date of birth, among other information that does not necessarily have to be real. For that reason is that social network Mark Zuckerberg’s is full of fake profiles. What are they used for?

The reasons for creating a fake account on Facebook they are diverse. In general, they are often used to make offensive comments or publications, they are also used to deceive other users with false promotions, there are even cases in which they are used to harass someone.

According to El País, fake Facebook profiles are easy to recognize, you only need to examine the following elements of your account.

1. Photography

Usually, a fake account uses a photograph taken from the internet. For that reason, experts recommend doing a reverse search on Google to find out who the profile picture of that user really belongs to.

2. Age

If the suspicious Facebook account was created recently (and also does not have much interaction), it is most likely a fake profile.

3 friends

These types of accounts generally do not have anyone on their friends list. In case you have them, they are very few, since they were possibly added at random to try to disguise them.

If you received a friend request from an unknown person and you suspect that it is a fake account, it is advisable not to accept the invitation. In addition, you can block the profile or report it to Facebook so that they can review it and can unsubscribe it.

In the web version of Facebook on the left side of your screen, you will find a list of functions where you will find a button that says “See more”, to display the other functions offered by the social network.

Here you will find the friendship section, which is represented by the icon of two busts of people that are blue and turquoise. The first thing you should do is click on this emoji.