Facebook: how to make your own avatar to use in your Messenger conversations?

Most people who use Facebook are unaware of the tricks that this social network hides. One of the most interesting, which is available to users of Android and iPhone allows you to create a nice avatar that you can use in your Messenger conversations. You want to have one? Here we teach you how to create it.

Creating an avatar on Facebook is super simple and you don’t need to download any strange program on your device. All you have to do is enter the Play Store or App Store and download the latest version of this social network. Once the application is updated, you will have to follow these simple steps:

1. Enter Facebook and press the three horizontal lines icon (Right upper corner)

2. Several options will appear, you must select a call avatars

3. A small window will appear, where you will have to press the button start

4. First, you will have to choose a skin color and press the next

5. An editor will open that allows you to choose the type of hair, the shape of the eyes, mouth, body type, even accessories

6. To facilitate the process, Facebook included a mirror button (upper right corner) that activates the front camera and will take a photo of you

7. Thanks to this image, you will be able to compare how much your avatar looks like you. Once you’re done, hit finish.

1. Enter any conversation and enter the section of stickers

2. In addition to the default ones, some of your avatar will appear, which will be in the wildest situations

3. Find one you like and proceed to send it to a friend.

Enter Facebook and go to the Settings section. This is found in the three bars that are at the top of the app if you have Android. In the case of iPhone They are at the bottom of your screen.

Once there, several boxes will appear and if you go down you will see the option: “Your time on Facebook“, Where you can view the”Dark mode”Or“ dark mode ”. Select “Dark Mode” and another window will appear where it will say if you want to use Facebook’s light or dark mode.

First of all, we must log in with our account in the Web version of Facebook then we access the section of ‘Setting‘, in the drop-down menu at the top right and there click on’ Security and login ‘. Within this option at the top, we will see a section called ‘Where have you logged in’. This is what we are looking for.

In this section we will be able to know where and from what device we have logged in lately on Facebook. It is a way to control if someone has been able to connect to our account. For example, we can see that a session has been logged from a device that we do not know or even from another place. It also indicates the login date.

Facebook users got a big surprise after learning that there is a ‘trick‘to change the’font‘of your posts and comments. To achieve this, it is not necessary to install any strange program, just follow a few simple instructions.

It is worth clarifying that this trick only works with those people who use Facebook on a computer. If you are using the social network from a Android or iPhone You can also do it, but it will be a bit more complicated.