Facebook: how to sell something on the Marketplace without your friends finding out?

If you are thinking of publishing an article in Marketplace The Facebook sales platform you must bear in mind that this post can be seen by the people you have on your friends list, unless you use a simple trick that you can use from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Do you want to learn it? Here we show it to you.

Sales through Facebook Marketplace They are very popular today, since unlike Ebay, Mercado Libre, among other platforms, the seller does not have to pay commissions and can provide their personal information (phone number or email) so that communication with the buyer is faster and direct.

However, one of the problems with this platform is that the objects you decide to put up for sale will appear in the timeline of your contacts. Although many people do not mind this, there are others who prefer that no one know that they are selling something. If you belong to this last group, you should follow these simple steps:

1. Open your Facebook account and go to Marketplace

2. Press the ‘buttonCreate Post‘.

3. You will have to choose the type of product that you are going to sell. There are three categories can be articles, vehicles or properties.

4. Once you have chosen the category, you will have to fill in the information that Marketplace asks you about the product.

5. In addition to the name, you have to add photos, price, status of the product, a brief description, etc.

6. Before publishing the article, you will have to activate the option ‘Hide from friends’ which is disabled by default.

7. That would be it. Your post made in Marketplace It will not be seen by any of your Facebook contacts.