Facebook Messenger: what is the application’s hidden message tray?

The messaging application Facebook Messenger has little to envy other apps such as WhatsApp even some users consider it to be better. But at this point, surely you will not be surprised to learn that said platform has a secret option somewhat unknown for a good deal of users. Which? Here we tell you.

It is a hidden tray for Facebook Messenger messages. Although it is not too hidden, users do not receive any notification about it and these chats remain forgotten. This secret folder can be found both in the version Android like in ios of the application.

In this section of Facebook Messenger Some messages are stored from unknown contacts that you have received at some point, even years ago. So to speak, it’s like a kind of spam folder.

In general, in order to safeguard the privacy of its users, Facebook usually sends messages to this secret site that come from some people who are not in your contact list, or those related to advertisements and advertising.

To access the hidden message box from Facebook Messenger You can do it both from the web version and on the mobile. Follow the next steps:

From the web version

From the mobile version