Facundo González confesses that he rejected Gisela’s job offer: “My head was half blown away”

The popular ‘Guacho’, Facundo Gonzalez, He surprised locals and strangers by appearing in the new season of “This is war”, especially since it was speculated that he could be part of the cast of Gisela Valcárcel. This, after the good chemistry that both showed in the last contest of “The great show”. Recently, the Argentine was shocked by revealing that he did not accept the offer for “personal things”. Let’s remember that Facundo González and Gisela Valcárcel played romance in the dance reality show and at some point the closeness that both showed before cameras was even questioned.

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Johanna San Miguel put Facundo González in trouble

In the latest edition of “This is war,” facundo gonzalez He was presented with great fanfare, considering that he is one of the historical warriors of the Peter Fajardo program. Before his appearance, the host Johanna San Miguel told him the following:

“They told me that yesterday you just signed because you were tempted by another production company to go accompany a very popular, well-known blonde, whom you have gileado but like that openly. What made you change your mind?” asked the popular ‘Chata power’.

Johanna San Miguel introduced Facundo González at EEG. Photo: Composition LR/ América TV

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What did Facundo González say about it?

At that moment, true to his style, frontal, the Argentine revealed the reasons that led him not to accept the offer of the producer to whom the description is made.

“There were doubts, but that was not the reason. These are personal things, my head was half blown (…) but “This is war” is my family, my house, it’s been nine years, I think I’m one of the oldest along with Pato, so for me this is something incredible and I thank everyone,” said González.