Facundo González flirts with Gisela Valcárcel in ‘el Gran Show’ and makes her a proposal: “Let yourself go”

put her in trouble. The great show returned to the small screen this Saturday, October 1, with new participants and an ambitious jury. Now, after criticism for his return to TV and the public figures that are part of the dance reality show, Gisela Valcárcel she allied in style in his second program and did not hesitate to follow ‘the flow’ of Facundo Gonzalezwho only had words of ‘love’ towards her.

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After his dance of ‘El Gusano’, Facundo González could not help but make Gisela Valcárcel nervous with various comments. For this reason, the jury of the reality show was sent with everything and gave its peculiar advice to the leader of América TV.

Likewise, Michelle Alexander praised the presentation of the Argentine. “It goes without saying that you radiate charisma, you put us in a good mood, tell (my grandchildren) that it’s a game,” said Michelle Alexander, because apparently in her home there is curiosity about the compliments that Facundo shares with her.

Given this, GIsela also asked him to clarify that what happens between the two is a game. “It’s not a game, with Michelle yes, but with you no,” the Argentine told ‘Gise’, generating reactions on the set, which this time had an audience.

“I’m cold,” said Ethel Pozo’s mother. After the tense moment, Michelle Alexander did advise Valcárcel to let herself go.