Facundo González flirts with Keiko Fujimori after turning 48: “If you want, we can celebrate together, beautiful”

Keiko Fujimori turned 48, and decided to get an ear piercing prompted by her daughter kyara villanela. The former presidential candidate shows off a renewed figure after losing 20 kilos of weight thanks to the famous Keto diet. The reactions were immediate after her obvious physical change.

The Argentine Facundo González was shocked to see the ex-wife of Mark Vito Villanela in the video broadcast on ‘Send who sends’, in which he boasts his exercise routine. “Spectacular. The woman when she passes a certain age becomes prettier and she became super sexy. She looks spectacular on her,” she opined LIVE.

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The popular ‘guacho’ opined that “the earring looks spectacular on Keiko“It did not end there, because he made a proposal that left the drivers of ‘MQM’ speechless. “If you want, we celebrate 48 (years) together, whatever you want, beautiful,” added the reality boy who is on the loose in square, after confirming his friendship with Onelia Molina.

Maria Pia Copello asked facundoex-partner of Dove Fiuza, How do you physically see the daughter of the former president of Peru, Alberto Fujimori. “Sexier than ever, in any case,” said the member of ‘This is war’, who was part of the panel of ‘Send whoever is in charge’, along with Leysi Suárez, Mario Hart and Susy Díaz.

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Keiko Fujimori: Mark Vito dances and boasts of being single on social networks

“Oh, how nice it is to be single!” he sang Mark Vito after joining the TikTok trend, and releasing the prohibited steps on their networks. The American citizen has been separated from his Keiko Fujimori, mother of his two teenage daughters. “I am, let’s say, loose in the square,” she responded to the cameras of ‘Love and fire’.

With the style that characterizes him, he indicated that he had to suffer for love like most people when they end a relationship. “I think everyone has suffered a blow in life, in one way or another. And I want to tell them that they can get up again and again, “said the father of the beauty queen, Kyara Villanella.