Fall winter 2022 fashion trends

Detect trends it becomes more and more complicated. It takes everything. From the volumes to the brightness, but always with a festive and optimistic air.

In the collective imagination, jeans, t-shirts and sports shoes reign, pieces that can be combined in an infinite number of ways and become a wild card to wear with pieces with more character such as the corset or the miniskirt.

In a society tired of references, garments with personality, freedom and daring are chosen, such as the corset, a historical piece in Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe.

Garment that best symbolizes the oppression and emancipation of women, is back fashion this season, it becomes the best ally of female empowerment.

This classic design of whales and laces with which Scarlett O’Hara adjusted her waist in the movie “Gone with the Wind”, has captivated the houses of fashion They present it in a thousand different ways.

In times when feminism invites liberation, this incoherent trend arises that, although it causes literal trouble, shines anywhere, be it the office, having a drink or posing on a red carpet.

It is true that the corset has never completely gone away. In the 1970s, the British Vivienne Westwood recovered it and went from being an interior garment to an exterior, albeit wrapped in a vindictive, transgressive and “punk” halo.

From the creations of Tom Ford to those of ManéMané, Versace or David Koma, they all praise the taste for marking the waist, a fashion in which the television series “The Bridgertons” has a lot to do.

The tailored vest and the preppy style



The tailored vest, which had its origins in the male wardrobe, is in fashion now, but it was actress Marlene Dietrich who really started the trend back in the ’20s.

In the 1950s, the “Teddy Girls” also adopted jackets and trousers, and years later, Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized women’s wardrobes with the mythical tuxedo and jacket suits with vests included.

Now, the Kate Moss-style vest is back and it has become a great ally of fall style and is reinvented with colors and details.

Like the jeans and the t-shirt, the “oversize” sweatshirt is consolidated as a garment for everything. The idea is to choose between the men’s collections or the unisex versions because they are carried in XL format.

The knitted vest, the pleated miniskirt, the sweater over the shoulders, the jacket, the tie, the cap or the moccasin shoe combined with more contemporary and opposite garments such as “jean” jeans create the new “preppy” style, also called pijo, fashion that never went away, and that now firms like Miu Miu, Chanel or Gucci place it at the top with a new air.

Shoulder pads add a plus to styling as seen in the Dolce & Gabbana or Prada collections, firms that add them to tailored suits, wool coats and also cotton garments.

The t-shirt dress

Fall winter 2022 fashion trendshttps://resources.diariolibre.com/images/2022/10/08/woman-with-tennis-racket-in-a-cage-3f5516a9.jpg


Better known as “T shirt dresses”, the t-shirt dress is a comfortable option to wear. A fashion that it may be inspired by the red T-shirt dress that Madonna elevated to the category of symbol, a garment that grew out of the collaboration between Adidas and designer Laura Whitcomb of Label NYC in 1993.

The catwalk confirms that the elongated knee-length shirt (or below it) is in fashionJust remember the Dior or Fendi fashion shows, as well as the proposals with multicolored prints by Burberry or the shirt dresses by Imitation of Christ.

The short sleeves and the round neck, identifying features of the garment, are not lost, “on the contrary, they are reinforced with details and new volumes to give greater personality,” stylist Pepa Fernández explains to Efe-Reportajes.

Since the Spanish singer Rosalía released her album “Motomami”, her futuristic aesthetic, made up of a leather jacket, shorts, jumpsuits, miniskirts, high boots, vests and retro glasses, is on the rise. Dominnico, Dior and Balmain are some of the references.

And when it comes to color, pink is the captain. It is worn in its entire color range from baby pink to bubblegum pink with special attention to fuchsia. A tone to which Pierpaolo Piccioli has paid tribute in his latest work for Valentino.

(Text: Carmen Martin)