Family dies in shooting in front of their home: a baby and his 17-year-old mother among the victims

In the early hours of last Monday, a family of six it was murdered in a shooting at the door of his house, located in California, United States. Among the victims are a 6-month-old baby and her 17-year-old mother. The police think it is a intentional attackso now he is in search of two people who would be responsible.

According to the initial hypotheses of the authorities, it would be an alleged revenge against the family group. They also detailed that at 3:30 am they received a report from a neighbor indicating that “there was an active shooter in the area due to the number of shots fired,” according to what was exposed by CNN.

The emergency team also went to the scene. There they found the baby and his mother in the street and the other members at the entrance and inside the home. All died at the moment, except for a man who resisted alone until the hospital.

According to the Tulare County Sheriff mike boudreaux, “the detectives believe that (…) it is not a random act of violence. It appears this family was targeted and there are gang associations involved as well as possible drug investigations.”