Fan bet 700 and already had more than 3 thousand soles in his pocket, but could not collect for the goal of Barcos

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal (1-0) paralyzed all of Peru for playing the grand final of Liga 1 Betsson 2021, a situation that motivated many fans to perform sports bets.

A fan whose name was not identified, but who showed great gallantry, had received his CTS and had no better idea than to take that money to bet on a combination.

The subject bet on three matches that were played on the same day as the Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal. However, to his bad luck the first two games were right and only the last one was missing.

When Sporting Cristal dominated the first half, the fan was very happy to think that the Bajopontinos’ goal would come sooner or later; however, that did not happen.

On the contrary, Hernán Barcos’ goal put half of the country celebrating, but there was one that did not celebrate: the fan who had just bet 700 soles for Sporting Cristal.

The fan’s bet

As can be seen in the image, the fan had already read the quotas of the sports betting houses that he always publishes THE POPULAR, so that everyone has knowledge before investing their money.

Next we will show you where the fan failed:

  • Manchester City vs. Everton (Premier League): home / home (means that the home team must win in both halves, a situation that happened).
  • Granada vs. Real Madrid (LaLiga): visit (the Merengue team won the victory).
  • Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal (League 1): visit (the rimenses lost 1-0 and the fan ran out of their 3,000 soles).