Fans throw strong qualifiers at Rodrigo Cuba in the stadium: This is how the ‘Gato’ reacted to the attacks

How did the player react? Football player Rodrigo Cuba He is going through a tough situation and recently received a series of quite strong insults after the match between Alianza Lima vs. Sport Boys. Some fans reminded him in a bad way how it was that he ended his romance with Melissa Paredes, labeling it in the worst way. How did she react?

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This time, his relatives preferred to give him their support and accompany him to the soccer game, to demonstrate, once again, how united they are in good times and bad. Therefore, this afternoon George Cuba and Ale Venturo attended the Alianza Lima stadium to watch him play and encourage him from the front row.

However, after the meeting between the ‘chalaco’ and ‘blue and white’ team, some fans began to insult him and call him ‘cachudo’. Detail shared by the popular journalist Samuel Suarez on her Instagram account “Instarándula”.

“El ‘Gato’ Cuba in the stadium. Alianza Lima won 3-1. People yelled at him cachudo, but he was smiling,” was the comment of the ‘Ratuja’ who recorded that uncomfortable moment. Despite the verbal attack, the athlete only managed to smile and applaud in front of the fans, while he left the sports field in absolute silence.

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Melissa Paredes announces that Gato Cuba’s complaint for alleged blackmail did not proceed: “Thank God”

Did you get ‘cachita’? Melissa Paredes was in the eye of the storm when it became known that Rodrigo Cuba had denounced her for alleged blackmail and extortion in a case that would involve the physical well-being of her daughter Mía, but now everything is in the past, as she announced herself in her social networks.

“Good morning, I want to inform you that today, the prosecutor’s office that was investigating the complaint against me for the alleged crime of blackmail declared that it is not appropriate to formalize or continue the preparatory investigation against me,” said the former beauty queen in a first moment, thanking his loved ones and entrusting himself to God.

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Melissa Paredes denounced Jorge Cuba after constant insults

Melissa Paredes is in the public eye after denouncing her ex-father-in-law for psychological violence, George Cuba. According to the police part shown in the advance of “Love and Fire”, The actress would have been verbally abused by the father of soccer player Rodrigo Cuba in front of his young daughter. What happened?

Depending on the progress of the program Willaxpart of this new confrontation between the ex-model and her ex-father-in-law, with whom she has always shown to maintain a certain distance, could be known.

Melissa Paredes denounces ‘Don Gato’ for psychological abuse”, is heard in the voiceover of the program by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter. “To which the accused man replied: ‘you’re crazy, you’re a bad mother and don’t come to tell me what what I have to do, here what I say is done”, reads the police report. More details will be known this July 18 in the program “Love and Fire”.

The noble gesture of Rodrigo Cuba with a young blue and white fan: “With my namesake Gato Cuba”

Hello, Cat! The athlete Rodrigo Cuba decided to fulfill one of the wishes of a young blue and white fan after a sporting event. This time, he decided to pose with Rodrigo Alonso, a 22-year-old man with a physical disability who was waiting to have his picture taken by his side. He knows HERE how that moment was lived between the two ‘Rodrigos’.

Despite the bad personal moment, the son of ‘Don Gato’ does not stop smiling for the camera and doing his job and giving joy to his followers. For this reason, he did not hesitate to take a photograph with a young man, who apparently is a lover of the king of sports and Peruvian soccer players, since Rodrigo Alonso has managed to have photos with various soccer players, and even with Ricardo Gareca.

Rodrigo Cuba poses happily with a young Blue and White.

Giuliana Rengifo on Melissa Paredes and Gato Cuba: “The only one harmed is the child”

He spoke loud and clear. Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba are in conflict not only because of the possession of her four-year-old daughter, Mía, but now the Prosecutor’s Office has also opened an investigation to find out if the sexual indemnity of the minor was violated. For this reason, we asked Giuliana Rengifo for her opinion.

What happens is that everything comes here from an ampay and we all know it and we already know as a result of an ampay all the consequences that can come, it is really risky, dangerous. Of course, no one sent her to do it, because no one knows what happens in a home, no one knows all of a sudden it was bad, a thousand things happen, then this comes out, and they point her out, judge her and psychologically mistreat her once week, a month with the same shit, that creates a psychological issue, believe it or not, it affects, so that makes us do things that are not right many many times.×345/elpopular/original/2022/07/15/62d1dc2e89bf557dde5048ad.webp

Gato Cuba commends himself in faith after being away from his daughter: “God knows the reason for things”

The baseball player Gato Cuba is going through a complicated moment in his family life and is that he is away from his little daughter, the result of his relationship with Melissa Paredes, this after a decision by the Ministry of Women while the investigations continue for alleged abuse of the minor.

“Jesus answered and said to him: What I do, you do not understand now, but you will understand later. S. John 13.7. You do not have to understand God, rather you have to fully trust Him God knows why of the Whatever you’re going through, I just want to remind you that God has good plans for you, just trust and wait on Him,” reads his message.


Gato Cuba commends himself in faith after being away from his daughter:

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Valeria Flórez evidences Ale Venturo’s support for Rodrigo Cuba: “He has support”

The case is expected to be resolved. In the midst of the new images that Rodrigo Cuba starred in, where he is seen signing some papers after being visited by the Police, one of the people who is next to him is Ale Venturo, this fact did not go unnoticed by the television host Valeria Florezwho highlighted the support of the lover in this difficult moment in his legal mess with Melissa Walls.

“El Gato Cuba, of course, everything that happens around him is news, and police officers have been seen at the door of his house, him signing the documents and of course we relate everything to what he has with Melissa Paredes, because this has not stopped, remember that there is an investigation on top”, he commented at first Andrea Arana.

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Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba are investigated for exposing their daughter

Melissa Paredes could also be removed from her youngest daughter and dictate protection measures in favor of the little girl. The Fifth Temporary Specialized Provincial Prosecutor for Violence Against Women began an investigation against the actress and her ex-husband Rodrigo Cuba for psychological abuse of his youngest daughter.

This investigation begins after the Women’s Emergency Center of the Aurora Program of the Ministry of women denounce the ex-spouses Rodrigo Cuba Piedra and Melissa Paredes Rodríguez, for violence against women and the family group, psychological damage, to the detriment of their youngest daughter.

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Melissa Paredes could keep the full custody of her daughter after accusing Cat Cuba, according to a lawyer

Having the lawyer face to face, Janet Barboza decided to ask her a question. “Melissa wanted more days with her daughter, could this have been something?” She asked, joined by Ethel Pozo, asking another important question. “Could they both lose the baby?” she questioned, and she answered very measuredly.

The lawyer Kathy Cachay was surprised to ensure that Melissa Paredes could keep the full custody of her daughter after the accusation against him cuban cat. “They could say they’re going to investigate Gato Cuba, he’s granted a protection measure, and Melissa could keep the baby,” she said, adding later in the show that justice is often not fair.

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Milena Zárate does not believe in Melissa Paredes: “We have only seen lies from her”

In an exclusive interview with The popular, The Colombian pointed out that she initially supported the model, but everything changed when she saw that she wanted to make the model look bad. Cuban cat. For this reason, even with the spread of chats that make him look bad, he would accept that they were separated; she still doesn’t believe a word of ‘Meli’.

“In this time we have only seen her lies, version after version, and the truth is only one. When you tell the truth, they can tell you 300 thousand times and you will say it again as it is because it is something that stays with you so marked, because for something that passes time, you can’t forget it. You ask me about something from the past and I’m going to tell you as I could have told you eight years ago. What happened to me is something honest, real, and you can’t manipulate the real,” he said.

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Melissa Paredes called Anthony Aranda in a derogatory way when talking to Gato Cuba, according to chats

in the conversations that ‘Samu’ showed, you can see how Melissa Paredes spoke in complicity with Rodrigo Cuba and despised Anthony Arandacalling him rather derogatorily as “H*****”.

“Yesterday they also told me*but hey, it’s part of all this, we are public figures”, reads what the model wrote, to which the athlete replies: “What did they tell you yesterday?” Without mincing words, she multiplied by zero to her now boyfriend “Why don’t I defend the other h*****, that I don’t care about the other h*****, because I don’t talk about him, I mean imagine,” he said.

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