Farik Grippa announces that he SIGNED for Sergio George and remembers his beginnings: “I started singing in bars” [FOTOS]

One more achievement. The renowned salsa singer Farik Grippa He is one of the Peruvian artists who has managed to break through in the industry with his talent. Now, the public figure fulfills one of his biggest dreams after signing a contract with the music producer Sergio George and did not hesitate to announce it.

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As is known, the controversial producer also decided to work with the singer Cielo Torres and left behind the possibility of signing Gabriela Herrera. Now him interpreter of ‘Endangered’ He used his social networks to share a sentimental publication with a special message and snapshots with the famous.

“WE ARE OFFICIALLY GOING TO CONQUER THE WORLD. I dreamed of it since I started my career singing in bars, restaurants and all kinds of events simply because of the great love for my music, dreaming that one day my dreams would come true,” he said at the beginning.

“I never stop working. With this I tell you that goals and dreams come true. The day has come I’m going to conquer the world with my flag on my chest. ATTACK Sergio George and MAKE IT SOUND but now on the entire planet,” added the salsa Farik Grippa quite happy.

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Yahaira Plasencia sent a message to Farik Grippa

Following the good news of the contract for Farik Grippa with Sergio George, the controversial salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia did not hesitate to quickly comment on her colleague’s publication. It should be noted that she was not the only artist to react to the good moment of the salsa singer.

“Esooooo. Give it our all, let’s fight for this,” he wrote ‘The Patron’. “Congratulations my bro, the time is perfect for each one”, “Ufffff how incredible”, “You deserve it salsa collagen!!! It’s good that you chose the sauce to pour all your talent”, were other comments.