Father is shot to death while carrying his daughter’s birthday cake

A family man was shot to death in the United States on his way to bring his little daughter a birthday cake. The 24-year-old man was about to enter the parking lot of the Chuck E. Cheese pizza chain when a subject approached him.

Calogero Duenes He was celebrating his daughter’s sixth birthday with his family at a restaurant in Texas. Reports indicate that the young father was leaving the establishment when he had an argument with another man.

The agents who were in the area indicated that they heard shots, and when they arrived at the scene they found the father of the family with multiple gunshot wounds. They were immediately transferred to a hospital where he died hours later.

“It’s a tragedy. I really can’t understand it. Like, I’m hurt. I can’t understand how anyone can do that to someone who is holding a cake, ”said Duenes’s wife, Amber Uresti.

According to the young woman, she and Duenes had been in a relationship since adolescence and as a result of their love they had two little girls, six and three years old respectively.

“My husband went through without me, without anyone to take him by the hand, to comfort him. I want justice. I want justice for my daughters, for Calogero, ”said Uresti. The alleged shooter fled the crime scene before police arrive.