Father of the footballer ‘Gato’ Cuba began to follow Ale Venturo on social networks

The Sport Boys footballer Rodrigo Cuba He is not afraid to show how excited he is with Natalie Vértiz’s businesswoman and best friend, Alexandra Venturo. As it is remembered, a few weeks ago, the journalist Samuel Suárez revealed an ‘ampay’ where they were seen walking together on the beach, which began with the rumors that the ‘Cat’ would have finally given himself a new opportunity in love .

However, now the assumptions and rumors are left behind, as both figures are shown together, as in the recent outing they had with model Natalie Vértiz and her husband Yaco Eskenazi. Likewise, on January 7, the owner of La Nevera Fit restaurant published a photo on her Instagram account, and her followers were excited to see that the athlete commented on the post. “I love you,” he wrote; while Ale Venturo responded with a: “You more!”.

For their part, Jorge Cuba and Jorge Alonso Cuba (Rodrigo Cuba’s father and brother) showed their support in this new romance, since both began to follow Venturo on his official Instagram account, and also liked his last post.

Rodrigo Cuba shared in an Instagram story a photograph where he goes out in the company of friends and Alexandra Venturo, who hugs him from behind, on Pulpos beach.

This would be their first public photo together. However, the snapshot did not last long on the network, since after a few minutes he deleted it.

For her part, the actress Melissa Paredes revealed, in an exclusive interview with Women in command, how her new relationship with the controversial dancer Anthony Aranda is going with whom she was discovered in an ‘ampay’ months ago, which caused her separation from the ‘Gato ‘Cuba.

However, now these are issues of the past and both parties are happy with their new partners. Likewise, Melissa Paredes also took advantage of the conversation she had with the Latina magazine to answer the constant criticism she receives. “It was like a punishment, why don’t they measure men and women by the same yardstick, a man is applauded, but we have to be perfect” He said.