Father returns items his daughter stole from a beauty salon: “Please forgive me”

A Chilean father became the protagonist of a highly commented act in the region of Arica and Parinacota. What happened? Realizing that his daughter stole a cell phone and a notebook from a beauty salon, he went to the store to return the items and apologized.

The business Trilaser hair removal Arica shared the incident through his Instagram account. The workers said that the man even offered them money for the hard time his daughter put them through and among the things he left them a letter of apology.

The moment was recorded by security cameras. In the images, the father can be seen approaching the beauty salon with a bag. Inside were all the items that his descendant had stolen the day before.

We want to tell you that today they have returned what was stolen, the father of the girl in the video, almost crying, brought us everything, he even wanted to give us money and wrote us a letter”, indicates the publication of the company.

The depilatory center clarified that no money was received. “His money was not accepted, but his apologies,” they said.

Likewise, the young woman wrote another letter in which she apologized for her act. “Nothing is going to repair… what’s done is done, but I don’t want what’s not mine. A thousand apologies, ”she exposed the letter.