Federico, Alan’s son, gives details of his relationship with Pilar Nores: “He screamed for noodles”

Federico Danton captured the attention and won the hearts of the public when he appeared at the Government Palace hand in hand with his father, Alan García, then head of state. The sixth son of the ex-president was a little boy at the time when he ran through the corridors of the Casa de Pizarro and accompanied the presidential family at public events, such as the military parade.

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It is important to remember that, during the first months of García’s second term in office, César Hidelbrandt brought to light the existence of a son out of wedlock with former first lady Pilar Nores. Due to the scandal, Alan publicly acknowledged the existence of Frederick Danton in a message to the nation, accompanied by his then wife.

“It was not difficult (to do it) because I have always supported my husband and, when I found out about the existence of that child, I was the first to ask him for recognition. That’s why I was there,” Nores said at the time.

What was the relationship between Federico Danton and Pilar Nores like?

After the birth of García’s last child was made public, Pilar Nores She was not very comfortable with the situation, as Alan confessed to the newspaper El Español several years ago.

“It is true that the first lady and I went through a difficult period, for her it was not a pleasant moment when she decided to recognize the child. She comes from a very traditional family … very religious. And now she has decided not to attend the events officials. I told her that she should do it because she represents the goodness of the republic. She replied that she was not elected, but I replied that she was my wife when they elected me and she continues to be so now. To no avail. So I took my little revenge and took little Danton to those official events. People adore that child. That boy is so cute! He has won the hearts of Peruvians…”, revealed the late former president.

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Despite this, the relationship between Nores and the then child Federico Danton was not bad, quite the contrary. “He always treated me very well when we met at the Palace”, Alan’s young son revealed in an interview with Peru 21.

What’s more, Danton dared to tell little-known details about his coexistence with Pilar Nores. Federico recounted that, when he was little and hungry, he did not hesitate to ask his parent’s wife to serve him noodles in a very particular way.

(He was asking for food) yelling, of course, noodles! She also made me try the milanesas…she was screaming: Pilar, noodles!'”Frederick said. And not only that, but he admitted that Nores “brought him dulce de leche from Argentina” and “that she loved it very much.” Finally, he added that, even today, “they see each other from time to time” and have always maintained a very good relationship.