Federico Salazar and his reaction LIVE to the strong earthquake: “A lot of tranquility” [VIDEO]

The host of América Noticias, Federico Salazar, experienced the strong 5.6 earthquake that occurred in the Lima region during his news program that was broadcast live.

Let us remember that the shaking It was registered at 5:27 in the morning of this Friday, January 7, as reported by the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP). He also indicated that the epicenter was located 19 kilometers northwest of the same capital.

Frederick From the moment he began to feel the telluric movement, he kept calm and sent a message of calm to the viewers, in addition to asking them to look for safe places.

“Well, a pretty strong shaking is happening right now. Find a way out. Well, it’s already happening right now. Much serenity. Peace of mind above all, (be careful) with things that may fall. Well, there it is already happening, we have seen a magnitude but it is already happening so keep calm, “the presenter is heard saying.


1.- Security zones. Look for established escape signs around the house.

2.- Remain calm. Maintain calm and transmit it to others.

3.- Stay away from the glass. Such as windows, cornices, etc.

4.- Find a flashlight. In many cases the electrical system will be suspended, so it is good to have a flashlight on hand.5.- Do not go up to the elevators. And finally, in these cases it is not recommended to use the elevators, instead use the stairs slowly and calmly.


1.- Verify. After the earthquake, check for injuries or injuries to provide first aid before taking them to the hospital.

2.- Search. Before entering, evaluate if there is damage to the structure of the house.

3.- Turn off. The electrical and gas systems of your home or workplace.

4.- Do not call. The phone system collapses. It is advisable to send text messages to communicate with your family members.

5.- Have. The emergency numbers, for example, of the fire brigade, of the police, of serenazgo, of emergencies, etc.