Federico Salazar celebrates the success of his friend Verónica Linares with her YouTube channel: “She is very talented” – INTERVIEW

congratulates her. The journalist Verónica Linares was on everyone’s lips after her YouTube channel ‘La Linares’ achieved close to a million views after her interview with the controversial Magaly Medina, in addition to other public figures. After her success in the networks and her popularity on the small screen, her partner Federico Salazar, in conversation for The popular, He was encouraged to comment on the great reception his colleague has on a platform very different from television.

As is known, Federico Salazar maintains a close friendship with Verónica Linares, with whom she shares the lead on the newscast of america television. This time, through an interview with this local medium, she shared her best wishes for her friend and explained why the communicator would have good results with her project in Youtube, highlighting your talent and other skills.

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“Yes, indeed, Verónica is having a success with her channel youtubeand. Well, he has earned it because with a lot of effort, with a lot of skill, with a lot of vision of what is newsworthy, the interviews themselves, with their content, great,” he told this medium at first. He also recalled one of the anecdotes that he lived with Verónica on his channel Youtube and he confessed that he would have no problem being interviewed again.

“Of course I could be interviewed by her. In fact, it was because we had a chapter of ‘The Linares’ We went to eat some pork rinds, the best with her, so everything is fine on that side and I wish her every success,” he said. “I’m sure she’ll have it because she’s really very talented,” she added, trusting the great work of your ‘partner’.

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What did Verónica Linares say about her news partner Federico Salazar?

At the beginning of March, the journalist Veronica Linares attended the programSend who sente’, where he talked with Maria Pía Copello and Carlos Vílchez sAbout his interview with Magaly Medina and other topics. At one point, the television host commented on her partner from América Televisión, Federico Salazar, with whom she has worked for several years. She did not hesitate to “throw him out” and tell how they support each other.

“He wakes me up, he calls me on the phone,” she explained. Meanwhile, at another point in the interview with that program, Verónica referred to Federico’s wife, Katia Condos. “When Federico was with COVID-19, Katia and I became close, we were both extremely worried about him, she, well, imagine, but I also because he is my partner, a schoolmate. In other words, it is as if you had been with someone in the nest, at school and at the university,” he said.