Federico Salazar congratulates Verónica Linares for the success of her YouTube channel: “Fruit of her effort”

Proud partner. In an interview with El Popular, the journalist from america television Federico Salazar congratulated Veronica Linares, his partner and colleague from “América noticias: primera edición”, for the success of his YouTube channel La Linares. The host also launched her interview space on this platform a year ago and since then she has not stopped increasing the number of views and subscribers, among the most outstanding is the conversation with Magaly Medina, who was the first to reach one million views.

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companions of yesteryear

Salazar, who has been a partner of Linares for almost 20 years on the small screen, stressed that this achievement is due to the great effort of his colleague. “Yes, Verónica is having a success with her YouTube channel. Well, she has earned it with a lot of fruit from her efforts, with a lot of skill, with a lot of vision of what is newsworthy, the interviews themselves, with their great content,” commented the journalist.

Federico Salazar and Verónica Linares in the “First Edition” newscast. Photo: capture of América Televisión

He does not rule out that I interview him

About a possible interview, Federico Salazar He did not rule out that he could be part of a dialogue with his close friend. He ended by wishing Verónica Linares success and congratulations: “I am sure that she will have it because she is really very talented.”