Federico Salazar responds if he wakes up Verónica Linares in the morning: “It’s not like that, I’ll send you a message” – INTERVIEW

The TV host Verónica Linares surprised locals and strangers by revealing, in the middle of the program of ‘send who sends‘, that her co-worker and great friend Federico Salazar wakes her up through a phone call in the early hours of the morning prior to the start of the newscast. Now in conversation for the popularr, Katia Condos’ husband explained how his friendly relationship is with his off-screen colleague and if he really is in charge of spreading the word to his partner so that she arrives on time for the program.

As recalled, in an interview with ‘Send who sends‘, Verónica explained some unpublished of her close friendship with the journalist Federico Salazar, who a few months ago became a grandfather after the birth of his first grandson. At that time, she said that they trust each other and help each other, after the long years they have been working together.

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Recently, through a conversation for The popular, Federico supported what his friend Linares said, but clarified that he did not wake her up, but that they coordinated to spread the word to avoid complications. “It is not like that, but we have agreed that I send her a message on Whatsapp at a certain time to see if she woke up or not, then she usually answers it,” he said at the beginning.

“Normally we send each other emojis and if she doesn’t answer me, then if I call her because something happened, especially with the baby, she suddenly got up at midnight and made her fall asleep, then we do that as a security mechanism,” added the journalist from America Television.

Finally, the TV host considered that both shake hands since they are a team. “Sometimes I call her and she tells me: ‘I’m just waking up’… but yes, of course, we both help each other a lot, we are a team, not only with her but also with the producers, the cameramen and everyone, we all We help to get ahead in this world,” he said.

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Federico Salazar supports the success of his colleague’s channel ‘La Linares’

At another point in the interview with Federico Salazar, the driver spoke about the success of the Verónica Linares channel. In addition, he explained why she would be well received and highlighted the great work of her partner.

“Verónica is having a success with her channel youtubeand. Well, he has earned it because with a lot of effort, with a lot of skill, with a lot of vision of what is newsworthy, the interviews themselves, with their content, great,” he told The popular.