Fellé Vega is at home, in the process of recovery

Dominican percussionist Fellé Vega is in the process of recovery after suffering a heart attack ten days ago when he arrived in critical condition at the Unión Médica clinic in Santiago, where he was hospitalized for five days.

When speaking with journalists from the Listín Diario, Fellé reported that although he is still not doing his daily activities normally, he feels much better due to the medications he is taking and that this Thursday he will do the corresponding medical check-ups.

The veteran musician assured that according to his cardiologist, Daniel Rivera, his heart is pumping very well and that the heart attack he had was not sudden.

+ Your thanks
With a cheerful tone, Fellé thanked his family, friends and the Dominican people for their support and always being attentive, not only physically but also materially.

“On many occasions I asked myself what would happen if I ever got sick, because I don’t even have to fall dead and I’ll tell you one thing, I haven’t missed anything,” he emphasized.

In that order, he expressed his gratitude to Dr. Rivera and the internist, Verónica Lockward, for the warm welcome at the health center and all the necessary attention.

He highlighted the help of the Ministry of Health, which was in charge of paying him what his medical insurance did not cover and now “he does not owe even a chele” and also the Ministry of Culture, headed by Milagros Germán, who was interested in his case and was in willingness to help constantly.

“All that was God’s work, if all those people had not helped me, I would not be telling it,” he stressed.

+ Event day
Fellé reported that when he was taken to the clinic for his cardiac episode, on Sunday, November 7, he was received by the intensivist Mency Contreras, who had instructed him to perform a “catheterization” (study to diagnose and treat certain cardiovascular diseases ), but that his health insurance did not cover it, thanks to the fact that she “looked at him with kind eyes” they led him to do it in the same way.

Rafael Tomás Vega, real name of Fellé, He is one of the most recognized figures in the country in the jazz genre, who considers himself a very believer in God, a passion that led him to start projects related to it, both on the YouTube platform and in record terms.

He has also promoted and endorsed numerous national festivals, and led various musical groups.

He defines himself as an imaginary folklorist, because in addition to being a percussionist, he is a composer, inventor and designer of instruments, leading him to a multifaceted career, and to share with several notable national and international artists.