Felpudini wants to return to television: “I really miss being able to make people laugh”

The popular comic actor Felpudini He is ready to return to television, as he claimed to have three doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Now he only hopes that the Government authorizes that the elderly can return to work.

Rodolfo Carrión, the comedian’s real name, indicated that what he misses the most is making the public laugh.

“I have the three doses of the vaccine, so far it has not given me coronavirus because I have been very careful and I am in the game so that they give me a ‘green light’ and go back to television. I hope that the authorities authorize that the ‘mature ones’ go back to work, I miss my colleagues a lot and be able to make people laugh ”, he told Trome.

Felpudini told how he has managed to cope with the situation after the onset of the disease, since he has dedicated himself to reading books and caring for his pets.

“At first I took it as a break, but it took too long. I am a compulsive reader and I have many books that I have devoured in this time of pandemic. Also, I have been entertaining with my conceited (his dogs), whom he took to the park It is a very complicated time that we have to live, but you have to be in good spirits, I hope this improves and I will soon return to a program, “he added.

Felpudini received tribute in El Reventonazo de la Chola

Felpudini returned to television with El reventonazo de la Chola, as he received a tribute for his artistic career. Let us remember that he is away from the small screen after the COVID-19 pandemic, as he is a vulnerable person.

“I am very grateful for the warm welcome you gave me. I had a spectacular time with everyone, “said the comedian.