Femicide says she perceives herself as a woman to avoid a higher sentence

Ferdinand Alves Ferreiraaccused of murdering a female with six shots in Lago Escondido, Bariloche (Argentina)stated that she perceived herself as a woman and her defense requested a change in the face of the crime, alleging that a femicide can only be committed by a man.

The subject, of Brazilian nationality, is accused of triple aggravated femicide and remains detained in the Bariloche prison, where he is under preventive detention awaiting trial and sentencing.

“I am responsible, I did not plan it”

The accused pleaded guilty of the crime, although he stated that it was not planned, during the punitive hearing. In addition, he asked that the experts check their phones to corroborate the information.

“I plead guilty to the death. I am responsible, I did not plan it, ”she said, according to local media.

Alves Ferreira He also said that he was in danger and that he acted in self-defense, and linked the crime to drug trafficking. They both met years before, when the defendant and her partner contacted her to subrogate her womb and be her parents.

The Brazilian is accused of triple aggravated femicide because the prosecutors considered that it was perpetrated with treachery and through the use of a firearm. The prosecutors express that there was gender violence, since both lived together.

The crime occurred on February 16, 2022 and, after a year, the official defender, Nelson Viguerassurprised Judge Juan Martín Arroyo and the prosecutors after stating that “Fernando perceives himself as Amanda.”

The suspect turned himself in after the murder and admitted to being the shooter. The authorities also attributed the possession of a civilian firearm without legal authorization. The hearing will continue next week as the defense will present evidence in the trial before the juries.