Fernández relaunches government in Argentina after defeat

A few days after the defeat of the ruling party in the legislative elections in Argentina, President Alberto Fernández relaunched his administration with a massive act together with supporters in which he promised to recover the economy and asked the opposition to “stop boycotting.”

“They ask us: ‘If they lost, what do they celebrate?’ Never forget that victory is not winning but never giving up, “said the president on Wednesday from a stage set up in the historic Plaza de Mayo and in which the phrase” All united we will triumph “was reproduced on giant screens.

“The first objective is to recover the economy, to start the industry and fill it with workers, to ensure that the income is distributed equally among all Argentines. Today is an opportune day for us to begin this second stage of our government and begin with all our strength to lift what needs to be raised in Argentina, ”he announced before several thousand Peronist militants and other forces that make up the ruling Frente of All.

The event was called on the occasion of the “Day of militancy” celebrated by the Peronists every November 17 in commemoration of the return of the leader and founder of the party, Juan Domingo Perón, to the country in 1972 after 18 years of exile.

The ruling party lost control of the Senate in Sunday’s elections and although it remains the first minority in the Chamber of Deputies, it shortened its difference with the center-right opposition alliance Juntos por el Cambio, which prevailed in the main electoral districts. The result forces the ruling party to agree on the legislative agenda in a scenario dominated by inflation, the fiscal deficit, poverty and an incipient recovery that fails to counteract the collapse of almost 10% of activity in 2020.

However, Fernández attacked sectors of the opposition: “We want them to stop boycotting us and let us work once and for all. Stop sowing hatred ”. He pointed out especially against his predecessor, the conservative Mauricio Macri (2015-2019): “If you don’t want to talk, let him stay alone with his friends doing business,” referring to the fact that the ex-president announced that he will not accept the government’s call to agree on the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to refinance a debt of about 45,000 million dollars.

Analysts agree that the public differences between the president and the vice president and ex-president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (2007-2015) over the course of economic policy also had an impact on the electoral defeat. The leader did not attend the event.

Fernández, with two years in office ahead of him, said that he leads a government in which “a president and a vice president want to work in the same direction,” in the only reference to his political partner. “We have to do what is necessary so that in 2023 we ensure a resounding victory, the victory that we Argentines deserve … We are the Front of All. We all need it ”.