Fernando Armas reveals that he suffered from anxiety and depression

Comedian Fernando Armas participated in the programburning questions” by Christopher Gianotti and caused surprise when he revealed an unknown passage in his life. In the preview of the YouTube program, he appears saying that she suffered from depression and anxiety, for which he had to seek medical help to overcome them.

“I suffered from anxiety, depression and panic. Exactly at 50 years… I was driving my truck on a bypass and I felt tiny. I was sweating, I poured water on myself. I came home with a tachycardia. They took me to the hospital and my whole system was fine. It was just the head (mind)”, commented the 57-year-old comedian.

Fernando Armas is aware that mental health is important and also asks for support in coping with mental illness. In addition, from his experience, he assures that not everything should be about work, but that you should take a break.

“To people who suffer from anxiety and depression, what can you ask for? Support, talk, apologize. Use all the tools you have. The best way to pass that stage is to sleep. You have to rest”, said the remembered ‘Chisiricósoro’.

The former member of “The funny ones” He assures that his visit to the psychologist helped him remember stages of his childhood, which was necessary to cure some deficiencies that managed to overcome the bad moment he was going through.

“(To) the psychiatrist, psychologist, I went at those times to solve my mental issue,” added Armas. Given this, Christopher Gianotti He highlighted how decisive it can be to seek professional help and not stigmatize consultations with a psychiatrist.

The Ministry of Health It has two prevention telephone lines available to citizens for cases of suicide attempts, depression, anguish and other problems related to mental health. The first of these is the Telephone Health Guidance and Counseling Service-Infosalud (0800-10828) of the Minsa, with which you can receive attention from a psychologist specialized in the field.

On the other hand, you can call the line 113 Option 5, from Minsa, which is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, in order to receive attention around your mental health. Also, if you are going through a difficult time, you have the option of calling toll free at 0800-4-1212 (The Friendly Voice).