“Fiesta”, the first collaboration of the year by Ceky Vicini

Aneurys René Mateo Medina, better known as “Ceky Viciny, has stood out for his collaborations in the Dominican urban world. This 2022 begins with the first called “Party” together with the urban exponent Rochy and Red a new talent.

“We do not stop releasing new music,” Fiesta “is a collaboration that people will like a lot, the idea is to continue entertaining and amusing our audience, let them dance our music and what better way than to do it together with Rochy and a new An exponent like Red that is rising very well in the genre ”, said Viciny.

Viciny comments that the music goes very fast and this forces the artists to launch a new song every month, since the medium demands that it be playing all the time to ensure its permanence.

Ceky has not stopped since he achieved the great national and international punch with his song “Klk con Klk” that became an anthem during the 2017 World Baseball Classic, taking it to various newspaper covers in the United States. However, his career had started since 2006 and despite his losses, persistence made him achieve a good position in the Dominican urban genre.