Filter video of Gerard Piqué’s mother “siling aggressive” to Shakira

In social media being done viral a video of Gerard Piqué’s mother apparently making an aggressive claim to Shakira in public. And it is that he is seen holding her very tightly from her face. In addition, she seems to make a request while the soccer player was next to them, but she did nothing to intervene, even rather she looked away ignoring this situation. Netizens once again expressed solidarity with the Colombian singer for all that she would have experienced next to that family.

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This clip belongs to a few years ago and also shows Mrs. Montserrat Bernabeu putting her finger in her mouth while the 42 year old artist he wore a black jacket. Given this, the “blonde” did not react and apparently she prevented the request she made from becoming larger.

The users regretted all this and sent messages of encouragement to the Colombian singer, since they already realized that the 12 years with the father of their children were not rosy and less because of the imposition of her ex-mother-in-law. This evil being always, always gave me a bad feeling. Poor Shakira thank goodness you opened your eyes,” said a netizen.

Likewise, it was speculated why the mother of the former Barcelona athlete was very upset with her ex-daughter-in-law and this should be that they had a fashion show that day, but the “blonde” decided to wear an outfit that showed that she was not wearing a bra and showed bare back.

“She was not wearing a bra and Piqué was annoyed that she was scantily clad, danced provocatively or with men. Shak said as much in an interview. That is why the mother-in-law makes her put on her jacket and she looks so upset, ”said a netizen, who also shared a photograph of that moment.

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What slight did Shakira do to Gerard Piqué’s mother?

The Spanish media are attentive to all the movements of Shakira and Gerard Pique. Apparently this time they won with a rebuff that the Colombian artist made to the mother of her ex-partner when they met at a Christmas festival in the presence of her minor children.

And it is that they point out that the ‘blonde’ made her ex-mother-in-law rude by ignoring her and preferring not to greet her. “Anything may have happened between them, but it is not necessary to underestimate a greeting,” said the Spanish journalist.