Finally revealed! Find out what is the true account of Clara Chia Martí that Piqué did not want to be public

Since his appearance in public in images taken by the Spanish media, in which the relationship he has with Gerard Piqué, Clara Chia marti It has become one of the most sought after figures by netizens.

Despite this, the young woman has remained on the sidelines and has avoided having social networks to avoid bad comments due to her scandalous relationship with the former de Shakira, Gerard Piqué. As recalled, last Wednesday, January 25, Piqué made it official by posting a photograph with her beloved on her Instagram account, this photo has caused countless comments.

Likewise, various false profiles have been created that began to spread, but the young Catalan was the one who decided not to have social networks and make her location a mystery, something that has ceased to be thanks to Piqué.

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What is the official account of Clara Chía Marti?

Gerard Piquéex of Shakiraexposed the official account of the young Spanish woman, because of the many that abound on Instagram, the former soccer player decided to follow the official one.

The new Instagram account of Clara Chia Martiis followed by the official profile of Gerard Piqué. Although, it only has 5 publications and very few followers, the mentioned profile is private. In a matter of minutes, similar accounts have been created and with the same profile picture. In the photograph, the young Spanish woman can be seen, enjoying the barefoot beach with the sand between her feet.

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What is the age difference between Clara and Gerard Piqué?

According to the Spanish press and despite the fact that very little is known about Clara Chia MartiIt is said that the young woman was born on February 7, 1999. That is, she is currently 24 years old.

The Spanish soccer player was born on February 2, 1987, and this year he turned 36 years old. That means that the difference in age between Clara Chía Martí and Gerard Piqué It is 12 years, almost the same difference that the businessman had with his ex-partner, the mother of his children, Shakira.

Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué are captured in public

Today, the couple no longer hides from the cameras and enjoy little outings outdoors. In one of them, they were caught kissing while eating in a restaurant and also went skating together in Paris.

What did Clara Chía’s father think about Shakira’s song?

In the Spanish program “Save me“, the father of Clara Chia Marti He gave statements regarding the song of Shakira, where he mentions his daughter. Although they did not record the link live, the journalist Mayte Atmella assured that the show team spoke with the man, who was disinterested in the type of music that the interpreter of “TQG” performs.

“The research team of this program has also spoken with the father of Clara Chía. Well the father of Clara Chia He is divine, he says that he does not like this type of music at all, that he listens to classical music, and that he is more of Bach and Vivaldi, and that he does not frequent bars, ”they told the program.