Financial proprioception, the key to your money

Every movement that has to do with money should stimulate brain activity. Then, unconsciously or consciously, trigger an automatic process that makes us get the most out of our money.

Proprioception is a natural process of the human body that goes back and forth between the muscles and the brain. Every time the muscles receive information, the brain gives the signals so that other muscles act accordingly. If the ankle is sprained, other muscles immediately adapt to prevent us from falling or to make the fall as minor as possible.

—Diego soda, can we make our brains do the same with our finances?

Yes, programming it to work from the unconscious and in other cases it warns us to do it from the conscious, as I teach in my book. Financial Rainbow.

Example: If we see an offer for a piece of clothing, what do we think? Some, that can taking advantage of the opportunity. Others, that we must take advantage of it

A small change of verb indicates the programming we have: We can or we must.

We must: The unconscious tells us that it is an opportunity that we can not let pass. It tells us that we are taking advantage and that we will be the wise and advantaged if we make the acquisition. The conscious does not receive signals, the command is the unconscious.

Can: The unconscious trigger tells us that it’s possible that we take advantage of the situation. The conscious activates us to analyze if it really is an opportunity and if it is true that it covers a need for me. Then I analyze if it is a priority for me. I will also know how to see if I will not stop acquiring other priority things to “take advantage” of this option, etc.

Getting ‘we can’ to be enabled depends on our NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Throughout our lives we have seen and heard what it has programmed for us, with phrases such as: “Life is now”, “the money is made”, “save bread for May and firewood for April”, “a bird in the hand is better than hundred flying”, “grain by grain the hen fills the crop”, etc.

If we analyze, some of them make us not think about tomorrow; others, quite the opposite. We see some that make us wary; others, risky.

Depending on the environment we live in, we can live those theories and unconsciously decide to live them or reject them and act in opposition to them.

Assertively reprogramming is entering adequate information to achieve what we want. If we practice sports, our brain will activate the muscles that will prevent falls more easily. Otherwise, it will activate those to cushion the blow.

Phrases, as an example, may not be the most productive for me. And they sure don’t work for me in every situation. At some point I will have to be cautious; in another, take risk.

To reprogram myself and my reactions to be favorable is not just a matter of thinking, but of having the necessary knowledge. What is the use of saving and how to do it assertively? This will lead me to know what to do when you receive money. To convert my income into quality of life.

Manage very well everything that has to do with my personal finance is a great goal, that’s why I advocate the financial proprioception. That my brain activates each activity that has to do with money with the correct information, bringing adequate compensation to all areas at the right time. Thus I achieve the quality of life that I truly deserve.