Find out about the history of “Maricucha” that premieres this Monday

“Maricucha” is the new story of Del Barrio Productions for America Television, which will reach Peruvian homes from January 10 from Monday to Friday at 9:30 at night to put a large dose of optimism, hope and faith that human beings can change for the better and, above all, that love is the greatest of gifts.

For this reason, we will tell you a little about the history that surrounds all its characters and especially its main protagonist, played by the actress Patricia Barreto.

Maricucha She is an enterprising and charismatic young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind or do the impossible in order to achieve the dream of becoming a great professional, a fact that will lead her to work in Don’s kitchen. Antonio Corbacho Robles.

His arrival, however, will put the Corbachos back and a half, a dysfunctional family, very crazy, with ambitious, lazy, indifferent members, believing themselves to be the owners of the world thanks to the patriarch’s money. So they live without worries or anything that affects their superficial lives until it appears Maricucha, who has a very loose tongue, a flowery verb and will remove the foundations of the great mansion.

Don Antonio is an elderly billionaire, widower, but with the desire to continue loving, fed up with the family that touched him and who ran out of strategies to change his behaviors until he appears “Maricucha” and he will take advantage of their presence to try to teach them a great lesson.

It should be noted that the long-awaited production of Michelle Alexander is recorded on various stages in 4K format. In addition, it also has the first actors in the cast Gustavo Bueno, Haydee Cáceres and Víctor Prada, along with Andrés Vílchez, Gustavo Borja, Milene Vásquez, Lazlo Kovacs, Stephany Orue, Ximena Díaz, Elsa Oliveros, Sebastián Monteghirfo, Valentina Saba, among others